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Do you have a driveway that is lined with trees and shrubs? Do they scrape your car or force you to one side or the other to avoid hitting branches? Does it feel like you're driving through a tunnel instead of just driving down a driveway? If any of these sound familiar, we can help you.


One call to Total Lawn Care of Olympia LLC will have our tree care specialists out to your home where we will carefully cut back the overgrowth to bring out the natural beauty of the driveway without interfering with the access to your home.

Keep clear access to your home

Preserve your driveway with pressure washing

You know how damaging a winter can be, especially with all the salt, chemicals and general grime that can build up due to inclement weather. All of that buildup can be damaging to your driveway and any walkways to your home.


Once we're finished with pruning back the trees and shrubs of your driveway, why not utilize our services to pressure wash your driveway and get rid of all that damaging dirt and grime? While we typically perform this service in the spring, it can be performed anytime.


Call us today to see how we can bring out the beauty of your driveway and wash away the remnants of winter.

Don't let your yard overtake your way of life

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driveway maintenance.