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You're likely thinking this exact question. A weed is a weed, right? You'd be partially correct. A noxious weed is also known as a non-native weed, meaning that it's a weed that is not normally found in your area. Most of them are transmitted by seeds that are spread by foot and vehicular traffic that travels our roadways and lands, seeds, mud on vehicles, ornamental garden plants, wildflower mixes, erosion control, and water gardens.


You will find noxious weeds to be particularly damaging as they have a tendency to overrun native vegetation, steal precious water, and have many other unfavorable effects. These weeds can quickly take over your property, and removal can become very expensive and can be required by the county.  To control this before it becomes a problem, call us...we can help!

What is a noxious weed?

What do you do if you have noxious weeds?

You can count on Total Lawn Care of Olympia LLC to formulate the most cost-effective plan to control these noxious weeds, or even simply remove them. We'll know exactly what your specific county requires and will keep your yard in full compliance with legal specifications as well. Just give us a call and our experts will come and check out your lawn and tell you for sure if this is the case. Take care of your noxious weed problem legally and effectively by calling Total Lawn Care of Olympia LLC today!


How do you know if you have noxious weeds in your yard? In most cases, you probably don't. You could easily have these weeds growing in your yard right now and not be aware of it.


If you find that your plants are not growing as you would expect them to or find other vegetation that is thriving but you don't remember planting it, your yard may be the victim of noxious weeds.

A yard protected from noxious weeds

Protect your yard from invading noxious weeds

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