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- Thatch Management - several methods available

- Soil Testing - we will test your soil to get a comprehensive look at all the nutrient        levels, using this information to determine which fertilizer will work best for your yard.

- Aeration - we can aerate any size yard, see below for more information

- Bent grass management - we have techniques to help blend your bent grass into        your landscape



Our knowledgeable experts will be able to properly diagnose any lawn issues and give you the best method to manage them, for a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Turf management techniques fit for you

A little about aeration

You can rely on our aeration services to help keep your lawn growing healthy and vibrant. Due to the temporary damage that this procedure can cause, we only perform this service once or twice a year and only during the wet growing periods.


Our lawn care experts use a core aerator which is the best aerating option for your yard. This machine removes 2 - 3 inch long plugs of dirt and grass. These nutrient-rich plugs will be left to break down with mowing accelerating this process.


Your grass will grow back and will grow better because of the aerating procedure. This process opens the soil to the air and we don't overseed unless it is needed.  This will allow the grass to grow better.


Call today to speak with one of our professionals so we can work together to determine the right aerating plan for your yard.

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